282 River St Troy, NY, USA

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The Dutch Udder, founded by Kehmally Karl and Jeff McCauley, originally started their craft ice cream business in 2013. However, their story began with their daughter’s fifth grade Social Studies project that asked for students to research a state and its edible products. Vermont was chosen – a major producer of ice cream and home to Ben & Jerry’s. Karl and McCauley discovered that the co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s actually learned how to produce their ice cream through a correspondence course at Penn State, in which that same course still existed more than four decades later.
After three years of research, development, and construction – using all private funds and no outside financing – in 2016, they served their first scoop of high-quality craft ice cream with a custom-built pop up ice cream cart. Their pop up events included visits to Capital Region craft beverage producers and innovative restaurants, including Nine Pin Cider and Slidin’ Dirty.
The ice cream itself is produced in Cohoes, N.Y. inside a residential property that has been converted to a certified commercial kitchen.
“We’re thrilled to be right here in Downtown Troy,” said Karl. “I’ve always wanted to have our business in Troy which is why I drew our mascot, Dutchess, with wings similar to the Troy High School mascot. Dutchess has finally taken flight in Troy! We chose to make the Collar City our home because of the positive synergy between the local businesses and the community..”
Most recently, the Dutch Udder won Best Philly Vanilla ice cream at the World Daily Expo, an annual internationally-recognized dairy competition and exposition in Wisconsin — besting even local dairy powerhouse Stewart’s Shops. Hundreds of dairy-based businesses across the world compete at that event.  The judges at the World Dairy Championship Dairy Product Contest test all the entries for flavor; body and texture; appearance and color; and melting quality.



282 River St Troy, NY, USA